Goatface watchface logo

Maybe cheeky but figured I’d ask.

So my days on a decent rig with decent SW from my web design has long passed. I restricted to MS paint and online jpg to png tools to tweak my designs beyond creator. Reason being is I’m on a bolted down corporate laptop.

So. I’ve been running by the nick my Goatface since I was old enough to grow a goatee. It’s stuck literally, it’s my gamer tag and my MC tag too.

I Wondered if one of you fine fellas with all the skills and the tools to boot would consider designing me my own logo fitting with my style of watch faces. I’m thinking’s something metal looking that maybe looks like it’s been riveted in place.

Anyone fancy that. I’d be very grateful :slight_smile:

I see where ya coming from but you’d need to elaborate as I don’t necessarily understand what you aim for in your logo.

I’m a graphic designer btw ;p

Good question, I hadnt thought that far ahead :slight_smile:
Maybe something simple like the word Pilot is on this watch by Inmotion ?

Or even a Goatface or G in Wings not dissimilar to the Harley logo I like to use but all in steel or brushed aluminum?

Theres some food for thought fr you :slight_smile:

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I’m still confused… do you want a logo for a specific face or a logo for you entirely

Oh sorry dude, I forgot all about this thread. I realised after that Miek already had his initial in a pair of wings, then i found some free online graphics generators that i’m getting by with. Dont waste anytime on this mtae, but thank you.