Going down memory lane

Hi All, Seems I have been taking a trip down memory lane as of late. I have added many new cartoon designs from the 60;s cartoons so please feel free to check them out. Also on a bit of a tv show/character run.


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Cute! That brings back memories. :smile:
If you use internet images, please be aware of copyright guidelines. I wouldn’t want any of my Facer friends to get into legal trouble. Sorting options

Very funny. I like these old cartoon classics!

Hi @Linlay, I see that copyright protection is very important to you.
It may interest you : Main page - The Top 100 Watch Faces free, there you will find at least 10 watches that have the characters of world watch manufacturers.
I wonder when Rolex Omega Tag Heuer and others will claim their rights.

People do it because they can get away with it (for now) but one of these days they might not be so lucky.

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Nice nostalgia trip, thnx!