Golden sparkles

I came up with this trick to simulate gold when moving. I cut out the gold parts in the main image and put a gold color disc underneath which rotates according to the compass angle. Looks like the sun hitting the dial depending on your direction.

What insanity will I come up with next? :smiley:


Got to try that out. But, I’ll have to dig out my old ticwatch which has compass functionality…

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@juni00 Sweet Idea . Well Done Truly Original as far as I know .

Thanks :slight_smile:

You could actually make the golden disc a sequence with varying intensity to enhance the effect. Maybe that would take up a lot of resources though.


You could use the Compass data to vary the opacity. Divide by 3.6. You can use the accelerometer to do the same trick Multiply by 1.111.

Forget Sequences they do not sync with the Real Time Clock. They only realy works with the Wake Time Trigger.

Finally got the old ticwatch synced (it is so slow…)
Works nicely! cool effect!

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I added the opacity trick based on compass data and also a reflection map on the gold disc.

The effect is quite nice now :slight_smile: .

Thanks for the suggestion @russellcresser

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Added the effect here too. It lends itself well to stuff like this (And it didn’t even slow down the second hand to a hacking movement on my watch!).

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As you do not have Inspection On for your Faces We can not see how you Maped the reflection to you Face. Obviously oping you work for Inspection is up to you. I would try include an aproriatete battery gauge in your Designs. A lot of Watches still only hold enough charge for one day.

Easily, this is the gold disc with the reflection:

The reflection is a layer on top in overlay mode with a 90% opacity.

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I have not come across Overlay Mode. It must be someting New. The only way I know how to do that is have a mask of the whole face with holes where the Ticks are and the Reflections disk rotating underneath. Or is that what you mean.

That is exactly what I mean. The image above was made with two layers. The gold disc and the reflection map on top of it. The map layer was set as overlay mode.

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So by Map You Mean The Mask with the holes in it . Cool I understand now . Different words for the same thing. A lot of people Leave their work open for inspection so Others coming on here can learn from the Example .