Good response from watch face users what do you (Pro designers) think?

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What should i say? Congratulations.

I personally am not a big fan on heavy information loaded watch faces but there are a lot outside that really love them.

Technically they are very well made with a good space usage.

Greetings, GAUSS.


Thank you GAUSS,

I agree with you. For me personally it is hard to see all info (I need glasses) but as you said lot of people ask for many functions and data on the watch display. It is very hard to have so many functions on this small space.

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The best in here is : You can build whatever you want to. The sky is our limit… You should build one watch face especially for you, just to please your needs.

Make it big, make it simple, make it unique…

We do all this for fun! :slight_smile:

Keep on facing.

Greetings, GAUSS.