Google Fit steps not showing

I have a Pixel watch 2 and a Pixel 8 pro. I use Google Fit to track my work outs. My steps don’t show on faces. When I tap the steps it correctly takes me to Fit. All permissions are enabled


This is a known bug on all Pixel and Pixel 2 watches. Google is supposed to be working on a fix for it, but it’s been 2 years, and I don’t think they are very motivated to fix the issue. What you can try is switch to a stock Pixel watchface then back to Facer. It has been said that will wake up WearOS so it will start sending the steps data to Facer again. I do not own a Pixel (nor do I wish to) so I cannot test this for myself and can only pass along the info shared by others. Good Luck!


Thank you, I tried that. Didn’t work. My belief is that G wants to push FitBit their paid app.


Sadly, I’ve been saying the same thing for the last two years, but everyone thinks I am a conspiracy theorist. :laughing::joy::rofl: