GPS speed or settable variables

Hi. Please can we have some tags that output speed and direction based on GPS data? The compass is unreliable around metal, and only gives the actual rotation of the watch, not the direction of travel. This can be coded using the haversine formula, but without proper variables to store lat and long values, this is not possible at present. Thanks.

pretty sure there currently are no tags to pull GPS data as a lot of watches don’t have GPS. I think Facer tries to avoid a scenario where a face is working on some watches but not on others. Even though the reason might seem obvious (your watch doesn’t support GPS) it would still result in hundreds or thousands of emails to support asking why this GPS face is broken. :slight_smile:

One of my watches is the Ticwatch Pro GPS but i’ve never actually looked to see if any of the stock faces incorporate GPS. Do you know of any faces that do?

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#LAT# and #LON# give your latitude and longitude as numbers. Works fine…
However, to calculate distance or speed, you need to capture lat and long now, and again in the future (eg now + 1 second). You then do some math on the four values and you get ground speed and track. Can’t seem to be able to store values to do that calc. The “variables” in facer are user interactions only-you can’t set them to values based on a sensor or calculation. Or am I wrong?

Ps. Many devices don’t have barometric pressure or a compass, but you see plenty of feature rich faces using those sensors. You just check for compatibility!!?? :thinking:

well you’re right about that. but anyway, I’m just speculating.