Gradient watchface

please suggest if I can improve anything

I am adding another two here.


it´s good, but have some weird things… it´s like something broken… maybe the data boxes… try changing it

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i think it looks good as well. Some improvements that come to mind would be:

  • The second mark goes over the data boxes, perhaps allow the tickmarks to show over the data boxes as well (or move the data boxes a bit away from the edge)
  • The hands could have a bit more presence. Perhaps some shadow, or fill the center with “glass” or something see trough.

Other than that it looks well balanced and the colors look nice too.

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In actual it is fine, not sure sure why it is so.

Your suggestions are quite interesting and i will surely make them in next version.
thanks for suggestions:).

The luminous version doesn’t show properly in mobile application( progress part). do you also face the same.?

try on your watch.

I really like the “Luminous” one

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