Gradual opacity change based on time of day

Hey there! I am once again trying to figure something out with one of my watchfaces. I’m trying to get a gradual change from one image to another based on the time of day. I’m not really sure how to achieve this as I still not really able to grasp the code aspect of this. So far I’ve used


to change the opacity based on heart rate which i thought was a great idea because i’m working on a horror movie watch face, but since it’s the entire background that fades it can be disorienting so that’s not gonna work. See for yourselves

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You can have the Opacity changing thorough the day with #DWFHS# and pulse it for attention to #ZHR#

#DWFHS# gives you 0 to 360 throughout the 24hrs day . So if you divide it by 3.6 you will get 0 to 100 . Of course that will be offset by 180 degrees so . perhaps we subtract 180 before we start . We can use abs to convert a number to all positive . Divide the result by 1.8 then we get 100 - 0 - 100.

You could use this for a dark filter .

To be continued .

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