Grandfather's Pocket Watch

Just trying new things on a face and kept going and adding until this popped out. It’s not overly well done, but it’s pretty good for a hack like myself.

I thought the airplane and tractor were a fun touch.
What do y’all think?


I like that there’s a pocket watch on a watch face, I think that’s very original and fun. I do think that the background doesn’t fit the gold and blue of the vintage pocket watch… Other than that, it’s very nice.

(Maybe add a complication or two)

funny one !
Maybe try to increase the glossy on the golden parts to match with the sunny weather of the background.

Pocket watches from 100 years ago usually were 2.5 Hz, so you might consider having the seconds hand move every 1/5 of a second instead of having a deadbeat (1 seconds) jump. And the small seconds register was usually lower on the dial. Cheers.