Greetings From Bali


I’ve only started wearing a smartwatch this past month, I must say I’m not all that impressed with the performance. Very sluggish, it’s like running a computer with 4GB of memory being all used up by Google Chrome tabs.But the one thing I enjoy is trying out different watch faces. I started out with Watchmaker and only recently trying out Facer.

Facer’s Creator is amazing but very buggy. The web app is much more reliable and stable. The flexibility to actually create your own watch app though is pretty neat though it’s still nowhere as flexible as Watchmaker. Also I couldn’t find the option to increase the display timeout, at its default the display shuts off way too quickly for me.

I know this is supposed to be a self introductory thread and I turned it into a bit of a review. I apologize. Also, English is not my first language, not even my second, so please tolerate my grammatical mistakes.

Glad to be a part of this community and looking forward to conversing with you lot!

PS: I’m a member of Pimax forum which uses the exact same forum interface as this, but in that forum, I could change my interface to dark mode, which I couldn’t find here, help please?


A very warm welcome - I look forward to seeing more of your designs!

I did not know that it might be possible to adjust the timeout; I assumed that it was controlled by the watch and not the application running on it. It would be nice to adjust it if were possible :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate.

I thought the same at first, but after trying out different watch face apps, their display timeout differ from one another. Watchmaker even allows users to adjust the timeout.

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Mmm, interesting …

Welcome on facer @yongky.kuncoro
(+1) I’m also interesting in how to adjust the timeout !!!


Cheers! I think it’s up to the dev to decide whether to implement such functionality though.

Hello @Yongkykun and welcome. Glad to have you here. I’m wondering what kind of watch you are wearing. I’m guessing a wearOS watch at least considering your backlight problem. This is what I use on my wearOS watches. Especially if I am wearing an animated face or trying to take a picture for promotional images.

Check out “StayLit Wear: Longer Backlight”

Currently Facer doesn’t have an option to adjust the timeout unfortunately but that app will do the trick. It’s definitely worth the money.


You are right, it is a wear OS. I use ticwatch pro at the moment. Will give Stay Lit a try. Thank you!

Ah Ticwatch pro, nice watch. I wish I had one, or even a s2. Someday I’ll probably get one for my collection.

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