Greetings, I am Infinit!

Hi everyone,
I figured I would join the community now that I have officially made my first watchface. My name is Infinit and I am from Las Vegas, Nevada.
Yes, I spell my username without the E at the end, that is a result of me using associating with this username since i was 12 and thought that it looked cooler without the E. Not much has changed since then though because i still think it looks better.
I am 26 - 27 in September, and I am male.
My hobbies are games, traveling, programming, archery, piano, and just about anything else that i see and think “HOLY CRAP I NEED TO TRY THAT!”

I have a Samsung Gear S3 Classic and a cat that loves to click buttons while i type.

Here is a photo of me in St. Thomas drinking a virgin Banana Daiquiri

I look forward to seeing your creations :smiley:


Hi @infinit, welcome to the community! :slight_smile: And nice first design!

\o HI, @infinit! Welcome to the community but I’m going to have to be honest with you… We all are going to want to see your cat. Haha, I know I said this before but I look forward to seeing your next creations.

Welcome! I like your space watch face design!

Firstly, thanks for the honesty. Here is a picture my Gf @EllisBo and my cat aubrey:

thanks for kind words :slight_smile:

" 98********************************** "

Thank you so much!

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Thanks, I appreciate the kind words and look forward to checking your designs out :smiley:

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Hello @infinit and welcome!


Welcome to the community and happy facing!

Hi @infinit

Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

Enjoy facing!