Greetz from Germany

Hi there,
I want to introduce myself…

As a spare-time-designer I create watch faces, do photography, sketching and some things more.
At the moment I got a lot of time to spend (f**** covid-19) so I create watch faces… :slight_smile:
I try to use the possibilities given to us by those new technologies and design watch faces un-common and personal. Using or copying common design is not what I (mainly) want to do…

One example:
Watch face “bars”


Hi @rope-work welcome to Face, I saw your dials, very particular.

I´ll take this as a compliment :slight_smile:

Looking through your collection and my favorite is the “funny girl” simply because I’ve never seen anything like that on this platform. Have fun making more watch faces!

Welcome & enjoy.
I also like to build unconventional faces :slightly_smiling_face: