Gremlins Watch - Animated Arms

Gremlins anyone? I rushed on this one. But something is better then nothing I guess. Always appreciate your thoughts.



The only change I’d suggest is making Gizmo run around the edge of the watch instead of being displayed as a second hand.

Meaning, take the image you have and set it up this way:

Small obj orbiting edge of watch / second hand

(160 + cos((#DWFSS# - 90) * ((pi)/180)) * 140)
(160 + sin((#DWFSS# - 90) * ((pi)/180)) * 140)

The 140 is what controls the spacing from the center

It’ll look something like this instead, which I think would work better with the idea of him running from the Gremlin and not obscure the hour/minute arms.

Awesome watch again!

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Agreed!!. Would love to do that. It was actually my original vision. Not sure if I even have that as option since I am on the basic design account. You lost me at the X-Poision and Y-Position but will look into it. Thanks.

Edit: So I actually tried inputting your numbers and didnt work for me. At the same time since the last update to the watch maker, I have lost alot of “Hand” options. I dont see the hand you suggested as an option.

Oops, sorry, I gave you wrong info… the formula above would have just had Gizmo upright orbiting, not walking around the edge.

Try this:
Set up another second hand, but click on the plus sign and add one of these two images:

Here’s how:

You can see how changing the anchor point moves things. If you want to do other watches like this just set up another image similarly, replacing Gizmo with another character.

You could have Stripe chasing Gizmo. If you want to speed up things, so it’s not moving every second you can change the rotation field to something like:

Or to have someone chasing them:

Hope this helps, if you have any problems let me know and I can set up a temp watchface so can inspect and play with.

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YOU ARE A LEGEND!!! Figured it out! Updated! Thanks you so much for your help on this one.

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