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Group Layers to Move and Resize

Currently offering my (tiny, worthless) kingdom for the ability to group layers to move, resize, etc as one unit. I’m sure this has been requested a billion times because it seems like such an obvious thing to have that I can’t believe Creator doesn’t offer it.

An idea to add to yours is to collapse folders, i have some elements who works together and it will be awesome to win some time to put them in a folder and collapse the folder to have much more vision of all the elements


We Wish.


I totally agree that we should have the ability to group layers together that are actually a unit with an element. And the ability to save that group of layers so that we can use it on another watch face without having to redo all that work.

As it stands right now there is no way to save any layer at all in a personal folder that we can use on other watch faces.

The best we can do is save the expressions in a text document and then copy and paste into the appropriate field in watch creator for the element. That’s very time consuming.

Now maybe having a web-based watch design software doesn’t allow that. I don’t know I’m not a IT person. If that’s the case why not offer a desktop app instead so that we can create our watch faces that way. Allowing the more advanced functions of a layer to be available. Then our designs would be saved in a format you choose that can only be used in Creator Pro. That way we could upload a group of layers that should remain together as one unit. Into the web-based app.

We already do that now with specific elements whether they be watch face hands, or backgrounds or other elements that will be using on the watch face In the web-based Creator Pro. They are uploaded as a PNG file. A PNG File does allow for layers.

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