Grouping favorite faces in watchbox

Hello! As a user myself, I need a way to group my favorite watch faces so that I can quickly access them and collect the ones I like. Currently, the watchbox on android only has “recents” “favorites” “purchases” as sorting/grouping options. There is a “collections” tab at the far right but it seems to me to only be like a playlist from specific creators and not a user customizable grouping. As it stands, users can easily access a handful of the most recently favorited or selected faces. This is not enough in my opinion. Im sure the face creators want users to appreciate and use their faces and enabling users to group their favorite faces into custom collections for both appreciation and ease of access will make that possible.

You have to create a collection, and add faces to the collection. You can reorder or delete the faces in collection using the web browser. Not sure if editing collections is supported in the facer app. Once you create a collection, you can not delete it. You can create multiple collections…maybe suggest you create collections for different types of watches you like such as Analog, chronograph, digital etc.


Well Done . Great synopsis of collections . I think you can add stuff to your collections from the Apps . But anthing serious should be done on the Web Pages for Sure .


Thank you for the replies guys. I opened in a browser and have looked for where collections can be made but am lost. Are collections only possible for creators? I want to be able to group the watch faces of other creators. It appears like this feature does not exist.

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When viewing a watch face in browser, click on the “+” to add it to a collection