Growing half dial for phone battery

I have a circular progress bar - I only want it to be 180 degrees and offset by +15 degrees. I intended to use this for my phone battery level but keep coming up blank. I’ve tried a few things in the “fill” section, including (0.5*#PBP#) and (15+(#PBP#/200)). I honestly can’t remember the other variations I have tried.

I just want it to fill up from the bottom (195 degrees clockwise from North) to the top (15 degrees clockwise from North) depending on my current phone battery.

Hi @the_elementalists and welcome to the forum

I use the 180 degree battery bar in one of my designs, I use this formula for watch battery ((#BLN#/100)*0.5)…however if you want it 15 degrees offset this might help (not sure) (+15((#BLN#/100)*0.5))

If you are using a Facer progress element, you need to rotate it by 195 degrees and then use the 1st expression given by @ozarour as fill ratio. For phone battery that will be ((#PBN#/100)*0.5)

Hope I understand correctly what you want. :wink:

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You got it! Thank you so much!!!

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