GRR AEON X707 not Working!

7 days later this watch face NOT WORKING on Pixel Watch 2.

Complications STEPS and DISTANCE get stuck at 9800 steps and 7,5km. Have reset phone, watch, on and off Bluetooth, …nothing works!

How to get a refund?

It’s the fact that it’s a Pixel Watch. There is a bug in WearOS that stops the operating system from sending data to Facer. Changing to a stock face provided by the watch manufacturer then back to Facer wakes up the OS to start sending data again. It will also have to be done every time the watch has been turned off and back on.


Thanks for heads up.

Interesting as Facer app came pre installed on my Pixel Watch 2. The odd thing only happens with Steps and Distance complications the rest keep working fine. I uninstalled Facer app on watch and on , did a watch reboot and let’s see what happens. Next will try your suggestion! Hopefully Google will do a fix soon in Wear OS.


MAY 23 and after reporting Jan 9th …more than 5 months later…NO FIX!!

Complacations Step counter and Distance DO NOT WORK on Pixel Watch 2 for FACER APPS…but always advertise new watch faces…add a disclaimer DOES N does not work on Pixel Watch 2

It’s a Google problem and they are in no hurry to fix it. And the admin at Alphabet is more than happy to let Facer hold the bag while they try to sell you a FitBit premium account.

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Come on!! This has been reported multiple times and no fix! So why does FACER not put a disclaimer on their watch face adds re CURRENTLY DOES NOT WORK WIH PIXEL WATCH DEVICES.!! Because Facer wants the revenue! Imagine if all aps failed on playstore lets blame it on Google!! Come on you know that is not true.Dont forget OTHER watch faces on playstore work perfectly on PIXEL Watches no issues. So why cant Facer do the same???