Guidance on weather images!

Hey guys,
I’m looking for some new weather images, especially something that could move. GIF I don’t even know if that’s possible, but if so, could you give me some help, guidance, model, etc…?

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Search with Google or Bing for ‘Weather GIF free’. You will find plenty of free ones there


Muito obrigado…é que eu tenho procurado e não tenho encontrado mas, vou procura em Inglês …Obrigado amigo !!!

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Yes, just as @BIELITZ said, there’s loads you can find for free if you just ask Google, Bing, or whatever search engine you use. After reading this I did just that, and here’s a funny example of what you could find -
Weather Gif 01
Partly Cloudy Gif 01


You can also kind of create your own. For instance, just have a blue background and ad a sun with some rotation to it. Or ad a sun with rotation, and some clouds shifting back and forth under a sinusodal expression for the X coordinate. For rain, google a transparent PNG of a few raindrops and scroll the Y coordinate down to make it look like it’s falling. I’ve done all of these a few times & it works pretty well.


My friend, I’m delighted with this idea, I just don’t know anything about how to do it, and my “experience” is immensely small… but, anyway, I’ll try… thank you very much!!!

Amigo estou encantado com essa ideia só não sei nada sobre como fazer e, minha “experiencia” é imensamente pequena…mas, de qualquer forma vou tentar sim…vlau mesmo muito obrigado !!!

Hey @christianfernandes38, if you are not sure how to do it, check out this sample - I just turned inspection on. In particular, scroll down the elements on the left side to the bottom, and look at
the items that are proceeded with a 01, 02, 03, 04 & 11. These numbers stand for the current weather condition tag (#WCCI#) that I am doing a check for, and also checking to see if it is daytime or nightime tag (#DISPLAYTIME#) (see the opacity box). If it checks out, then the image or gif can be turned on with the appropriate x or y movement or rotation applied. These are samples of turning on specific still images and making them actionable as I described two posts above. The other #WCCI# check numbers are probably also good samples for turning on generic weather gifs. Good luck!

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Hello friend @bradtc, I’m going to access it and see if I can make a model and, thank you in advance for your attention…Have a great week! ! !

Olá amigo @bradtc, vou acessar e ver se consigo fazer um modelo e, desde já agradeço pela atenção…Tenha uma ótima semana! ! !

Just keep in mind to reduce the size of gifs.
Should be under 100 kb per gif, 200 kb tops.

Gifs that are too big can slow down the whole watch…


That I didn’t know …it explains a lot!

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Yes, no need for bigger gifs. Small size is more than enough for the watch screen, looks good.

here is a link for super easy and free resizing:

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Já tinha instalado mas, quando acho imagens .GIF na internet nem sempre acerto reduzir a quantidade para o limite de 25

I had already installed it, but when I find .GIF images on the internet I don’t always manage to reduce the quantity to the limit of 25

I agree, 50 frames would be so nice.

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