Guys Please Help with wakeRand on Apple

I kind of guess I know the answer .
Will someone Please tell me if (wakeRand(0,1)) will work on an Apple Watch . I am Looking at the Templates . Modular Duo and X-Large .
I know most Makers on here are Android Fans . But I know there are a few Apple Bobs . I will Happily Make a test if some one will Kindly Sync it .
My alternative is to put what I want on a 15 Minute timer . That will work by all accounts .
I thank this Community Kindly in Advance .
I was thinking of putting out a Request on FB but thought Better of it .

No apple watch in my jurisdiction im afraid. I think @tom.vannes is a apple watch user.


Thanks Jason . I don’t like to invoke people unless they have chipped in on the Topic. Tom is very good a scanning for interesting stuff. So I hope he finds this one . I forget Who has what . I think he runs both. Your response will give the Topic a bit of Traction .


I’ll get back to you next week. On holiday…


Oh Bless . Thank you Tom . You are so Kind . You Somewhere Nice ?


I do not think it works.Tried with 2 different templates.
It stays on the wakeRand value 1.


Bless you Tom . I will come up with another strategy . If I use a 15 minute timer to change it the Image will seem more or less random . These things should not simulate on Creator . Thank you so very Much .
Another Question Please.
On Say Modular Duo the little round porthole upper Left . If it had an Apple Complication in there can the Apple user change it to what they want if they know what they are doing and it is Just a Place holder when we publish them .
I hope you had a nice Break . Back to the Grind now , Hey ?

Tom please if you get a moment can you please let me know if this strategy will work . To give a 15 Minute Cycle . How did you Know I wanted to run 3 images . :rofl:


I can not believe Apple does not run the Unix Epoch Timer every other Smart Device on the Planet does .


Yes all parts can be changed in the Apple Watch App:

Below original:

And here I changed the top to heart rate from Apple:

Yes, was a nice break, was in Tuscany, Italy.
And at the end of the break, I met up with my former racing buddy and family for some fun in the “dirt”. Me: riding with the 15 and in front my buddy’s 13-year old, too fast for me now a days :sunglasses:


Oh Brilliant . Thanks for that Tom . Much appreciated . A good day is a Learning Day .
Thanks for sharing the Dirt Bike Pic . Oh what Fun . Good Memories . Good Vino in Tuscany . :blush:


Ha Ha .

45 min time zone