GW6 Classic Heartrate

I’m currently having issues with the heartrate updating on my watchface. Ive tried allowing all permissions and restarting my watch to no avail.

My setting are set to measure “every 10mins while still”, which worked well on stock samsung faces. Unfortunately it never seems to update on Facer faces. I have a bit more luck with it updating on “continuous” mode, but I’m reluctant to go this route due to extra battery drain.

Has anyone had any luck with resolving these types of issues?


Hi @mckerrow77
I have a Galaxy Watch 6 classic 47 mm. Regarding your question about the BPM updating every 10 minutes, I can’t tell you why I use the BPM updating continuously.
Regarding battery consumption with BPM measured continuously, I can tell you that, on my opinion, there is no significant consumption.
My watch, with all sensors active, position and AOD lasts 2.5/3 days on a charge.
Have a nice day

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I can confirm what diavo says, I didn’t find any difference in battery drain. Nothing I can measure or see.
So, set to “continuous” mode and don’t worry about it.

I’ve checked on both my GW5 Pro and my GW6 Classic and the heart rate “when still” doesn’t change much if at all for me with either the stock faces or Facer. If I am wearing a watchface with heart rate on it, I don’t pay any attention to it. I’m more worried about my heart rate when I am active and exerting myself. So, for me I would be either on constantly or off completely.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ll give continuous a go!

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