Gyro function only works on Tizen watch?

I’ve made a few watch faces that use gyroX() and gyroY() to enable items on the screen to move in relation to real-world movements of the watch. Now all of these designs work perfectly well on my Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm (Tizen), but not on WearOS watches like my TicWatch Pro 3.

I have created text panels on a test face to display the gyro data in real time, but where the Tizen watch shows fluctuating values based on watch movement, the WearOS watch just displays zeros. Is there a different expression that I need to read the gyro data from the TicWatch?

This is the most recent face that I’ve made which uses gyro data…

…and it works PERFECTLY on my Samsung (the perspective shifts so that it looks like the lights go on forever into your wrist!), but there is no reaction from my WearOS watch.

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Hey @swat.strachan . Oh here we go , I have only one thing to say accelerometerRawX() or Y . I just looked at my test again and found the gyros did not work on my GW4 well you see I thought they had just Killed them . I stopped using gyro as it was so difficult to test . The accelerometer is a bit choppy but it works . I like accel as it sims on the App Preview on my phone dont have to send it to my watch all the time just check it in My Watchbox. I also made an Infinity Mirror . So Thanks for confirming my fears , God knows how these watches read our steps . I suppose the Gyro does work just the reading is not given to US . I have played a Lot with the BBC Microbit . Frankly the gyros in there are 100 times better and that is coding in BLOCKY . :joy: :smile: :+1:

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I just tried that with my test face, and it does give me a value, unfortunately this value seems to be set when the watch wakes up and doesn’t change with normal movement, only if I whip my wrist around like I’m trying to swat the world’s most vicious mosquito does it change at all, but after each maniacal swing that I make the value locks and doesn’t change until I go bonkers trying to kill the imaginary blood-sucker again.

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Yess . That is the the job of the Gyro to measure forces of acceleration . But an accelerometer measure values of tilt angle . The axis on gyros ar inverted to accel . and if anyone know exactly what it is all about let me know . The mossi you are trying to kill probably knows a lot about both . Do some tests with Accel . All the others I have worked with give angle 0-90 for 0 to 90 degrees. Facer gives 0 to 10 . OK , :joy: :rofl:

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I’ll have a play with both functions and see if anything changes, but so far with my TicWatch the only one that seems to react is the accelerometerRaw, and only with extreme movements.

The reason that I use gyro instead of accelerometer is that not everyone brings their watch up to the same angle when quick-waking their watch, so using gyro when they do the value is effectively zeroed out and only changes if they move their watch from that viewing position, which gives exactly the effect that I’m looking for. Absolute angle measurements wouldn’t allow the face to work the way I intended.

If I discover anything different though I shall report back.

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Truth is . I think each watch is different . It is not MIL Spec . It is about what works for you . These Gadget Faces are not that Popular . But then make a game out of it :+1::+1::rofl:

I did that, but I’m not sure if Russian Roulette is to everyone’s taste :grin:.


It’s fine until the first time you lose at it. :rofl:

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