Gyro/motion relate expression stop working

recently stop working, anyone experience the same?

Same here. I was playing around with it to test if I could make a parallax watchface. :-/

Hey guys! We couldn’t reproduce on our side :frowning: would you be able to share a video of the issue, including additional details like app version, OS version, and model of phone and watch? Thanks!

Thanks for the respone. I recorded a video to show this

here is the test watch face you can take a look, just using basic expression on the rotation, it used to be working

I am using Huawei Watch. Phone is Lenovo A7000+, andriod6.0

In my watchface draft (open for inspection), I used accelerometerRawX and accelerometerRawY and some math to let the red squares move different distances on the screen - just to try out the parallax effect. It just stopped working some day and they don’t move. The numbers on the top show the values of the sensors.

Edit: WTF!? Now it suddenly works again, after I used gyroX() and accelerometerY() for testing in the upper text block. :open_mouth: