gyroRawX/Y() on Fossil Q Marshal

Hi there,

I seem to have an issue using the gyroRaw functionality.
the gyroX() and gyroY() work fine and I don’t see any issue, so maybe I am not doing the right thing.

Here is a test I’ve been playing around for a while, so if the problem in the link between the chair and the keyboard, don’t hesitate to tell me :smile:


I don’t know if it helps but I noticed while creating my gyro faces that functions accelerometerRawX() and accelerometerRawY() don’t work by themselves unless you use accelerometerX() somewhere on your watch too.
I normally put it as invisible text on the bottom layer.

Hi Mellin,
Yes, I did read this in your posts before and saw some of your work adding an invisible call to the “non-raw” functions.
But even though, not to avail.
I really start to believe there is a hardware or firmware version compatibility issue here…
But again, maybe I just do something really wrong.
Thanks anyway,

Any update, or improvement on this?