Gyroscope readings


I was going through tag list looking for some interesting tags and I thought that a gyroscope tags exist, but I cannot find them,

Am I bind, or are they the same as compass - non existing?

Hey Mellin no the are no directional tags for now


Gyro tags exist!
But they are not under tag, but expressions:

so how would I use these to move an object about within a bounded area (say a dot around an area of 20 pixels wxh)?

I used:

They give you reading between -10 and 10 (0 is flat)

Specific ones I used:

That gave me middle point in 160x160 and movement od 60 in each direction.

Nice!!! many thanks!

Only just found this was available - brilliant!

One thing I noticed:
For some reason accelerometerRawX() and accelerometerRawY() don’t work for me, untile I use accelerometerX()…
I don’t know why, but that’s a thing.

I’m trying to use these instruction, but it seems that don’t work. Could you help me please? Thanks a lot

I know it works for sure


You seem to have missed the multiplication sign

Thanks a lot for the advice, but unfortunately it doesn’t work again.
I have put this formula in the Y position of a sticker. I’d understand that with the movement of the watch, the sticker must change position. Is it correct?

I had it in the Rotation field