Haaa, first watch face banned :)

Made a face for the Triumph Speemaster motorbikes. It’s been removed because of ‘Omega’.

Didn’t know Omega made motorbikes

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You should appeal it if you think it’s wrong o/ they do respond and help out!
I’m assuming their algorithms detect more than just words, but also layouts, placement of elements and stuff like that, I also imagine that attempting to detect those kinds of details, a lot of accidents will probably happen by the algorithm :stuck_out_tongue:

Be purely because of the name. That’s what they said in the E Mail

We removed the watch face “TRIUMPH SPEEDMASTER” that you posted on Sunday, January 5th 2020 at 6:38:47 PM +00:00 because our system flagged that it may be infringing on the copyrights or trademarks of these brands: Omega .

why they can’t put it back into the working folder instead of deleting it totally though, at least that would give ppl the chance to make changes

That doesn’t specify it’s because of the name? Also I believe they don’t delete it. If you dispute it (submit a ticket) and they see that you are not actually infringing copyright, they restore it right back into your “designs” section.

No, but Speedmaster IS a well know Omega brand.

Same design, so it must be the name

FWIW Once upon a time I owned an Omega Speedmaster watch. One day when I was sailing in Santa Monica Bay I noticed the watch had filled up with seawater. So I dropped it in the ocean.

Call it a Speed Master with a space or hyphen.

Velocitymaster? Speedhero? Just turn around it…

Don’t really matter , it’s not a brilliant face anyway :slight_smile: