Had Some Suggestions From My Last Aviator Face

MAG 1486 is an update of my MAG 1455 Aviator watch face. The person commenting on it, thought that the labels on the battery, date, and time were distracting. Which I sort of understand, but what bothered me the most was at certain times of the day you had no idea what the battery level was. So, I brought back the parked hands at start to give a moment of display visibility before it displays the time. Going from ambient to active mode will explain the hand movement. He also wasn’t happy with the “glow in the dark” ambient mode, which I have now made the same as active mode. Does anyone see something I could have done better or missed completely?


Overall it’s looking just fine Sir (did have me puzzled at first as to what the numbers were on both sides of the Hands as they look separate entities, but now it’s obvious they’re all part of the same number). Yes, good job :+1:

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It’s a difficult act to balance out what end users want and what you feel is the final result you want to achieve. KUDOS for you for acting on it :slight_smile:

I like aviation instruments theme so this is an instant like for me :slight_smile:
If there was anything I would feed back is for obscured hours 2, 3, 4 and 9 to be moved slightly so they’re visible in their whole, unless they’re part of the same image.

EDIT: Inspection showed they are, oh well, no easy way fixing that :slight_smile: I thinks it’s an awesome face regardless :slight_smile:

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