Half circle steps formula


In the last watch face I created, there are several half dials including a steps half dial with a hand and a half circle progress bar and these details:

  • 0 at 90 degrees
  • 15000 at 270 degrees
  • formula I am trying to use is: (clamp((-270+(#ZSC#/15000)*180)),0,15000)

but the formula is not working, what is wrong with it?

thanks for the help…

If you want it to rotate clockwise from 0 to 270 then I think it should be


Thank you @mikeoday for your reply, I misused the “clamp” function…

However I may not have been clear…

The 0 steps starts at 90 degrees rotating clockwise up to 15000 steps @ 270 degrees, that is 180 of rotation, so I’m guessing the formula should be:


Am I correct?

I tried it and the hand is stuck at 0 (90 degrees)…

Sorry my mistake, I misread your question :blush:

It should be




Thank you for these great resources.

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