Halloween is coming

Old topic but I felt the need to do something about this upcoming event…
Which of the two do you think is better?


Why choose, publish them both. I have eight that I’m working on. And 72 that I have published in the past.

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those are both really nice for different reasons. For my own taste I like the animation in the first one but not the pulsing brightness of the background light. But I never like that kind of thing, maybe others do. The 2nd one looks more solidly in your style.

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You’re absolutely right about the pulsating background…I’m also changing it.


I like both. Well done!

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definitely the first variant. the second variant reminds me very strongly of a HARLEY-DAVIDSON event. Probably mainly by the coloring. furthermore, I lack here all possible Halloween symbols that make it clear to me what it’s about. Many greetings

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But that is precisely what the second “variant” is about. The design should not necessarily “only” be associated with Halloween and should deal with the event a little more discreetly.


I much prefer the first one, although some might know that I like animations…just a little :joy:
They are both good, and as kvansant said, the 2nd definitely has your signature look about it…publish them both and more besides :smiley:

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