Hand marking months

To mark proper day of the week with a small hand i use (-(#DOW#/7)*360) this expression.Annotazione%202020-01-18%20183157
Which expression must i use to mark the correct month instead of day?Annotazione%202020-01-18%20181919
Thanks for any help

There is a handy tag (pulled from: Tags – How can we help?) that does just that, rotation for month in year: #DMYR#.
However, given the size of this custom month dial of yours you will most likely need to adjust exactly where the needle is pointing to. For this you can do something like (#DMYR#+7) where you can change the 7 to fine-tune/determine where the middle of the month word is in the dial. From there, provided the dial is done carefully and symmetrically, you should have no problems :v: (remember from the Creator page you can select not only the time but also the month, use this to test things).


Hi Allen
Thank you very very much.
Your expression works Great!! :smiley: and the +7 with my dial center perfectly the hand
Thx again, have a nice day

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: A little trick to work with these kind of rotation values and to really see what the numbers are, so you can have a better understanding of what you want and how to achieve it, is to throw the tags and/or formulas into a text element, and just read what it says. From there you can typically tell exactly what you gotta add or subtract from that number to suit your needs :slight_smile: