Hands with depth

Hi I have tried to give the hands some depth by using duplicate hands which gives a bit of a feeling of depth - but is there a better way?


Hi Dear Friend… your design is so beautiful… but if you want that clock hands to change, you can easily shade them in Figma

I use Coreldraw and there I have function called “Effects - Plastic”, which does this:


Hi @tom.vannes thanks for this, could I ask which version of Coreldraw you are using. I use Inkscape but can’t replicate the effect you are using.

Will Inkscape Bevel do that? Filters / Bevels - Inkscape Beginners’ Guide ep15 - YouTube


@Linlay link is the right one. Lots of effects possible with Bevel.

YES, YES YES! I’ll have to look a bit deeper into Inkscape!

Excellent! Have fun! :grinning:

cool. :star_struck: