Happy Metal Hybrid

Following on but I like the big grin effect and it took me back to the 90s Wonderstuff song linked in the description.



If only it was yellow, you know, like a smiley. :laughing: It is a nice looking face and it also looks like it’s happy doing its job.




I was quite surprised that the much plainer V4 hit nearly 30 syncs in under 12 hours where this one is only at 7:

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So you must be in the Charts . I will check . Well done.

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Never got there. slowed to 40 syncs.
Same faces in the faves as there were months ago. Surely people can’t still be downloading them all the time.

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Shame 40 syncs should get you in the charts Easily.

Same top 20 as 2 months ago.

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i see some changes . A couple of newcomers in there . But as you might have been saying mostly same designers .

@rob.fisk @russellcresser

This sounds self-serving which it is, but I have a system that I use so I don’t get out of shape over the Top 100 list. I use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F and search for MAG. Then I only look at any of my faces that might be on the list. I ignore all the others. If I have a face there, great, if not oh well, maybe tomorrow. Right now, I have two faces on the WearOS list and four on the Apple list, one of which is holding at #1. I measure sucess as either hitting the Top 100 or getting 100 syncs. Either one lets me know I have a good face published. That and the number of positive comments I get on my faces.


That would be good if any of my faces apeared. It happenned once when I got 50 syncs in 3 days, Now 40 syncs in 23 hours won’t cut it.

Personally, I’m not that fussed but others have complained about the rankings so just adding for context.