Has any normal users gotten to 3000 synks in a month to be a Premium designer

That’s true, when starting this journey the faces that I thought were going to be super popular didn’t get much recognition. My designs are constantly evolving and I’ve only been doing this for a short period but I’m starting to get into my grove I think. Only 500 syncs on my most popular face but that’s a big step in the right direction. My goal is also to make premium here but end game goal is to make one of my digital designs into a real analog watch. I’m super excited for everything that happens in between. Best of luck to you all!

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If your intrested in selling your faces you can setup a dev license with play and be setup in a day. I’ve been playing with Gear Watch Designer recently (galaxy apps & Tizen), the license to the market place is free and I set it up in an hour or so. I’m not looking to sell things but I’m under the assumption that there are plenty of platforms available if you want to jump in. Facer feels more like a utility/fun geared platform that apparently pays you if you mess around and design good stuff. I like it so far…

I don’t know about other designers, but the syncs of my faces are not indicating that, so I’ve slowed down. There does not seem to be as much demand for my style as there was when I first joined here. I’ve noticed that women are buying more watches, but not with changeable faces. They track fitness and phone, but are priced lower without all the bells and whistles that more expensive watches offer.

Yes. Seems logical. My wife also only owns a simple fitbit watch.

Maybe it needs more public promotion…

„A watch for every purpose. Elegante for the dinner party, sportif at the fitness studio, colourful at the shopping tour …“

Best would be customable faces matching to the current outfit. (Saw that in a video already…)

If smart watches get fashion status the number of female owners maybe will increase.

A promotion-campaign could help … like Zalando …

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I agree 100%. It’s not even that women prefer a sporty look. Some of the simple watches are very pretty. They are just limited to basic functions. One of the reasons I’m here is so I could have faces for different occasions to coordinate with different outfits, because the selection that came with my watch didn’t thrill me. You’re right. Perhaps the flexibility and variety needs to be promoted, or perhaps it takes a techie type of woman to appreciate full function smartwatches.
I don’t know… I just got to thinking out loud about all this as I was analyzing my sync slump.

Women… the unknown species, lol. Its very interesting that they are ticking a total other way. Much more individual than men.

In that video i was talking about, she took a photo from her shirt and a routine automatical choosed a similar colour for the watch face. That‘s innovative and may be the future…

[quote=“phantasico, post:26, topic:20829”]
Women… the unknown species,
[/quote] I was reading an article today about the new Fitbit watch exclusively for women’s health.
Those of us who design for women have our designs show up featured in categories such as Flora and Nature. I would be interested to see how a featured category for women/ladies would do.

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At very first, imhO, the whole facer showrooms should be divided by men‘s wear and women‘s wear, that would be logical.

And this way everything should be valued. You can‘t compare apples with pears…

:slight_smile: I already wondered why they are all mixed up…

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Yeah that would be beneficial for both designers and users alike. I think the hard part for them would be incorporating that to how they feature fresh faces. Although maybe just have them separated in the browse section or maybe a button at the top of the featured page for men and one for women. Click one and it weeds out the others tagged opposite of what you picked.

We should post this to the @Facer_Official.

Please could you check if it is makeable to separate the two main categories „male“ and „female“? This would be better for both users and designers.

The current „mixup“ doesn‘t look very userfriendly to us.

And - could you check if it is possible to adjust the sync-Border for all female designers, due to the differences?


Phantasico aka GAUSS

Anyone considered setting up a surveymonkey type thing and hit the social platforms/boards and get some additional feedback from the most fervent users (in theory?)

Might be insightful, dunno…

Well, i think, we should at first give the @Facer-Staff a possibility to react here bevor we get this idea to the public.

I want to have peace and harmony… :slight_smile:

I, for one, think that segregating female and male watches would be counter productive. Not only does it promote a world view where men and women are forever separate and that taste is biological in nature, but I also think that it would do very little to actually help boost downloads.

A better option could be to have more categories that might appeal to a more feminine crowd, but aren’t outright womens watches. Also, don’t we already have tags for this kind of thing? If you make a watchface you think is feminine or more fitting for a woman, you can tag them as such.

There are two things working together here, I think. First, we have a product category that is mostly catered towards men. Many women prefer smaller watches, but most smart watches today are pretty bulky. Second, since mostly men buy them, mostly men produce watchfaces for them. That’s why we get an abundance of clones of popular mens watches, along with the rugged military type watchfaces and the occasional “sexy girl background picture”-watchface. Third, it’s quite possible that many of the women who enjoy smartwatches also enjoy watchfaces that are not overly effeminate. I know my girlfriend would go for something simple, antique or nerdy rather than something with flowers or anything in pink.

A bit of a rant, I know, but these are my two cents on the subject. In short, I think that smaller watches is ultimately what will make more women use smartwatches and that we need more watchfacemakers that do not focus on “manly” watches. Not because it’s wrong (you guys are awesome, keep on doing what you do) but because a larger variety will lead to more people, including more women, using smartwatches.

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I agree with you. I started designing watch faces because my big bulky smartwatch already looked manly enough on my wrist with the standard faces. I wanted to create something that would still look like “me.” As a female designer and watch wearer, it’s difficult to find a good balance between style and functionality. I went through several feminine based watches but ultimately stuck with the Samsung because it was the only one that had all the features I wanted. Just yesterday a customer told me, “Your watch is big enough to be a clock. Where’d you find a clock for your wrist?!” because it looks so large on my small wrists. I think segregating watch faces is a bad idea. There are plenty of designs that don’t fit into one side or the other. I like to think the majority of what I create could work for men or women, though some do lean more toward the feminine side. I love flowers. What can I say? Labeling them as “For women” though might lower the syncs considering the market is more geared toward manly style watches. Men might be less inclined to sync a great watch face simply because it’s labelled as for women, and vice versa.

I think it is so hard to reach that number, i started design watch face. In 2 days, only 12 people sync :wink: thanx for them

Well… if you are building watch faces that get featured by the facer staff 3000 syncs are reachable in one month. I had some that reached 2000 in one week.

As a normal user the idea of reaching Premium Designer is only appealing, because they have the ability to allow users to change the backgrounds (with themable watchfaces [someone correct me if am wrong]), and that for me is the whole point of having a smart watch… face.
I honestly dont care for any other benefits, and honestly Im not too bother to log in into the designer, change the background and sync it to my watch. Would I like to be able to do that directly from the app, yeah. Its it super important for me, no. Do I plan to sell watchfaces at any point… HAHAHAHA you are funny for even asking that. Of course not.

Will I ever reach Premium Designer status. No. Unless facer users switch their preferences from stylish realistic militaristic looking branded like watchfaces to Wallpaper with time and info in front of them watchfaces.

Because to be honest that seems to be the only watchfaces that get featured now days with a extremely well animated one sprinkled in the mix. Check the Top Charts in the app to see what I mean.

Dont get me wrong. Those featured watch faces are amazing, and the amount of work that must require to only get everything aligned and looking good, not even considering designing and creating the assets must take weeks. They deserve to be on the top charts and be feature, they are just not my style or what Im interested.

I’m not saying two main categories would be the way to go. Yes, I’d like to see a women’s category. Everything else can stay as is. Designs could overlap in other Featured areas as they do now.We’ve had people coming here not to design but to find women’s designs. They posted in the Community to ask where the women’s designs are… Not everybody has the time and patience to search tags. If they could start with one main category going to women’s designs that would be a start. After that customers have the option to search specific tags if they don’t find what they want. I have Followers who work from Newest and Featured. Some of the best of my 300 designs are hidden because people don’t look for them.

Regarding watch sizes, flat tires, etc. doesn’t that depend on the technology that the devices are running? As I understand it, it’s not easy to fit the technology into a small watch. As to clones, I believe a lot of that has to do with logo and style status.

Hey there!

Regarding the men/women styles, and any other curation you think is missing from Facer today, we actually just released a new feature that should help on that front: Facer.io 4.3.0 is now live (curate your own collections!)

You can now create and curate your own collections on Facer, which can include your own faces or other people’s. The world is yours!