Has any normal users gotten to 3000 synks in a month to be a Premium designer

I don"t Know for sure but I assume premium users can set prices for their designs. My thing is, Is this even happening? Is it just me or does 3000 seam super unattainable. I want to know what everyone thinks. With the user interface and custom-ability being what it is I do not think this is the app for me. I’m not saying its all bad as all issues are things updates can fix. What I mean is my main focus in this app was becoming a premium designer. App issues plus unattainable standards and no user support (for instance newer apps should show up starting on the newest page in ascending order in my opinion.) I wonder if most users want to be premium and if so if they think 3000 downloads is reasonabe. Maybe more importantly if regular users are becoming premium users.

This is the info on premium users from Facer…

Facer_OfficialFacer Staff Mar 2 '17
To be considered for the premium designer program, you must meet ALL of the following criteria:

Create at least 3 free watch faces using The Facer Creator1.1k and publish them on the Facer platform
At least 3 different free watch faces that you’ve published must have over 3,000 syncs within the first 30 days after publishing. This sounds difficult, but can be easily achieved if your faces get featured212 or if you spread them virally on social channels
All considered watch faces must adhere to the Facer Terms of Service68 and Copyright and Trademark Policies93
If you feel that you meet all of these requirements and would like to apply to become a Premium Facer Designer, please fill out the application form here324.

We look forward to reviewing your applications!
-The Facer Team

Yes, it is attainable. It just takes patience and creativity. I don’t know if “most users want to become premium”. As with anything else it takes work. As I understand it from reading other discussions here, the members who are now Premium were once Regular. My advice is to just enjoy what you are doing. As you gain skills you will advance.

I have had no problem with user support, so I cannot join in your complaint about that. Facer Staff has always been very helpful with any issue I’ve had.

Here’s a good example of how helpful the Premium designers are for anyone willing to learn, as well as being an example of the skill it takes to become Premium:

I’m sure it is possible, but you’d have to have a pretty solid following. 3000 syncs on 3 different watch faces in 30 days is a heafty ask. I don’t think anyone just signing on would get to that. Honestly, I’ve been using Facer for a year for my watch dials and I’m not even following anybody yet. I don’t even know who makes the faces I like the most, so I wouldn’t necessarily go back to see what else they have designed. I think a lot of people are like that. A watch face has to be pretty special for me to shell out any money for it, but that being said there are a few I’ve paid the dollar or two in order to download. I love Facer because there are so many awesome designs available for free. Artists willing to take time to share their creations with people and not charge a cent. That is awesome. If you are a designer capable of building something really unique and complicated, then I’m sure there are other apps you can post them to where people will pay to install them. But I agree with Facer’s terms that you have to be a really popular designer before you can start charging for things. That keeps the faces accessible to everybody and helps grow the community.


I would agree too. I think part of the reason that it is somewhat difficult to attain is because it weeds out the people who aren’t serious about producing the highest quality, creative, and unique product. I can’t speak for most people but I can say that I really want to become a premium designer but it’s not because I can make money from my faces. It’s because of the status, being able to say that I worked hard and made it to the top. That thousands of people enjoy my artwork and wear it on their wrist. That’s the true reward.


They have gear watch designer. You can sell your designs with them too or not. You can make all of them free if you want. Their app is great.

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My pleasure, I threw you a follow because I’m excited to see what you come up with. Also I think your expecting face is was interesting. I’m expecting my first born in about 3idh weeks. Best of luck my friend.

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I like your designs. Its taboo to talk about other apps and services. But you should check out samsung. Im on their site as well. If you are really serious.

I’m not sure which part of Samsung you are referring to.

I think 3x3000 is a reasonable ask. I don’t know about the 30 day limit though.

I still wonder how many female smartwatch owners use Facer on the regular. They remain my main target audience, and I will not give up my design principles just to farm syncs.


Interesting comment, I imagine women buy them more and I could be wrong but I notice women with them more while out and about. I think they buy them for the step counter. I also have family members who are super into the step counting apps in phones but do not want to constantly have their phones on them while working so they get smart watches. Very interesting.

Here is one interesting comment from @roycaruso about the syncs number from another discussion:

"This face just hit 2,500 syncs in only 3 or 4 days."

Vulcan Firestorm (Animated)

Very impressive from my point of view!


@Tomas thanks!! :slight_smile: it’s definitely possible if you really leverage social media and regularly update your designs based on feedback (haven’t had a chance to follow @jmorga106 's great recommendations yet, but I will as soon as I get a day off). Getting featured is a HUGE boost. Having a presence in the community here seems to help too. Also, just in case, I wasn’t bragging - It was definitely in the context of the conversation haha see here:

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Hi @roycaruso, I thing that such kind of information (how many syncs are possible to get in a period of time) is very useful and it motivates a lot.

I checked my (manually prepared) statistic right now and the best day of my best watch face was 519 syncs in a day. However it was during the winter festival season. Later on I will publish even more date I collected as a “non premium” guy additionally to my last post about my watch face disasters :wink:

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Thanks for the input. Now I know it isnt impossible. And I see the factors that may have contributed to your sucess. You have 200 plus designs uploaded and you make great designs. (Not to say that you just now became a premium user so this could have happened some time ago.) But Thanks for the insite.

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I think 3x3000 is a reasonable ask. I don’t know about the 30 day limit though.
I still wonder how many female smartwatch owners use Facer on the regular. They remain my main target audience, and I will not give up my design principles just to farm syncs.



Can’t share too much, but can tell you that the ratio of women on smartwatches and on Facer is increasing. Things are looking up!


I’m glad :slight_smile:
Nice! I should pop up some of my manually collected data too - if enough people do we could identify trends and the factors that contribute to popular designs.


Speaking of, can I get you guys to check out my designs?!

Feel free to leave me feedback so I know what you guys think!

I often consider what women would appreciate, what do you think of my most recent women’s design? Try it out and leave me some feedback. I look forward to hearing from you.

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I think its okay with that criteria about 3000 syncs in 3 weeks. It is makeable. I want to get Premium-Designer Status in Future, already have some different watchfaces that reached that goal. It depends on a lot of factors how much syncs you get. Even been featured by facer isn´t any guarantee that the watch face gets famous.

Greetings, Phantasico (GAUSS)