Have a Coca Cola publicity in face

Hi Everybody. I remembered somebody told me a very long while ago, in the USA cinema’s they used blimps of photo’s during the movie about Coca Cola or something like that, perhaps ice, things they wanted to sell. And with the heating on, more people went to buy a Coke during their visit, because they noticed this publicity but without really knowing. But it was a trigger, a teaser.

So, with that in mind, i thought why not copy that, but applied somehow in Facer, with a text. The difference is of course, one must read it, but not too obviously/pushing, but still it is there. The other thing i am pointing at is, why not do some publicity in a face, about something or yourself. It is probably safer to limit that to your name, page… Perhaps other have some experience or tried that.

So, what do you think about this face?



I like the movement of the central box thingy but not the plain Black & White sorry :neutral_face:


Ha Ha . Subliminal Messaging . Yes . I think it has to be a simple Image for it to be retained . They were talking about it when I was a College , in those days it would be 1/24 of a second . How often I don’t remember . But to get it to a Preview on a Face would have to be in the First 5 seconds I bet it would be somewhere near the heart beat so once a second wold probably do it .
Guess the Subliminal Challenge any one ? Inspection would have to be off . The other frame might have to be stop frame as well or the splice would show . Unless of course you are a Gif Guru and you could just make it a Gif of Course . I will place my Influencer in the middle of the Gif . Let us See .

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