Have #Dm# rotate within a circle inside Seconds Hand

Can I write ‘Minute’ Tag, and have it rotate within the Seconds Circle I create? Sample shows 2:30

Hi @michael.ding, this is possible yes/
Add a text field with the #Dm# or #DmZ# tag.
Set the X position to (160 + (100 * sin(rad(#DWFSS#))))
Set the Y position to (166 + (-100 * cos(rad(#DWFSS#))))

In the expression above “100” is the radius, so that should be the same as the circle you want to put it in
I used starting point 160,166 instead of 160,160 because text aligns different vertically.
Adjust the 166 in Y if the text needs to be a bit higher or lower

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I did this one a while ago using this effect. I have enabled the inspection. Hope it will help

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