Having the progress circle for Hr; Mn; Sec; synchronous with the hands

Hi to all
I attach a moke up of one of my faces to explain what i would obtain.
jack - My new design 4 SIMPLE - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer
In this chrono moke up i have placed under the hands 3 progress circles. Hr; Mn; Sec. Of course they follow their own path. I would have the filling of the 3 circles synchronous with the hands.
As to say i start the chrono, the hands start and also the filling of the circles start, I stop the chrono and the circle stop filling, i reset chrono and circles reset.
May someone tell me which formulas must i use and where put it?
As an example i tried replacing the filling ratio of seconds with (#SWES#*6) but of course does not work.
Other try always for seconds, i left filling ratio as is inserting in the rotation field (#SWES#*6) and of course does not work.
I state that i’m a bad mathematician.
Any help will be very very well welcomed.
A greeting to all

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Is that what you need?

The progress bar is always 0-1, so it is always necessary to recalculate it. As shown. If anything, ask.


Hi petr
Thanks again for your help. Just what i wanted, but i have a problem.
Seconds are working perfectly, but minutes just colour a first segment and after that they stop.
Hours i still have to test.
Here my revised face

did i something wrong?
Thanks in advance

correct link

Hi petr
I want apologize. Of course your work was perfect. The fault is mine, because doing a try in a hurry i did a bad mistake inserting a formula. Sorry.
Once more you have been of great help and i’m very grateful to you.
I hope that if and when i was in trouble i can ask to you again for a solution. If i’m annoying you let me know. No problems i wan’t be offended
Many many thanks again
Have a nice week end :smiley:
P.S. Tomorrow i will examine with more care your test face


You can ask. If I know, I’ll be happy to help you.

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Hi petr
I just have to thank you once again for your availability and patience.
Have a good sunday :smiley: