Having trouble getting conditionals to work

I haven’t been able to get conditional statements to work on any of the watch faces I’m designing. Am I doing something wrong? Don’t we just paste it in where we’d put a Tag?

make sure you follow the correct syntax. Check out the docs, it goes in depth how to use them Conditionals | Facer Documentation

let me know if this helps!

Actually - I already went there and copied in the exact example from the docs - still wouldn’t work.

what statement are you trying to write.

I have found that the documentation doesnt EXACTLY describe how it should be written.

sometimes white spaces cause a problem.

I just wanted to get the example to work: $ #Da#=“AM” ? 1 : 0 $

I have a more complicated one to detect temperature unit and calibrate a dial based on the unit of measure - but if I can’t get a basic one to initiate, I’ll never get a more complex one to work.

Check this link out.