Heads Up, Facer Creator Wind Speed Is Broken

@Facer_Official - Ticket #98989

I was just working on a watch face and found out that the Imperial wind speed is broken in Facer Creator. If you set it at 4 mph on the slider it will output 9 mph to the element on the face. At 200 mph it outputs 447 mph to the element. At this time Metric is displaying correctly. I don’t know if it will follow through onto the watch when you sync it but I’m afraid it will. Below is a screen shot of it set to 4 mph on the slider.

UPDATE: I just received a reply to my email informing @Facer_Official about the windspeed. This is the reply I got from them.

Oct 5, 2022, 09:51 PDT
Hello, I am sorry you are experiencing problems with Facer. Thank you
for letting us know about the bug and someone will work on fixing it soon.

Hopefully it is right on the watch. There colud be a lot of Cross Pilots Flying Zulu that did not get home at the Right time. Well the ones that use Facer Faces for Navigating.


I would love to test it but I’m on metric…

Maybe someone who is on Imperial system can test it on the watch?


I just duplicated the issue on all my faces with wind speed. The error is somewhat linear, because at 100mph is shows 224 on the watch face.

The same type of issue happens on my faces with altitude - I have to divide the Facer provided amount by π to get the correct altitude as verified by GPS.


Interesting… in metric works fine.


Yes, that was the first thing I checked before sending Facer a help request. Hopefully they will get it fixed soon.


Apparently no fix yet…
I took a number of samples, the value displayed is off by a factor of 2.233

A user has reported that the value given in mph could be the wind gusts instead, because the figure seems to match other weather apps showing wind gusts values.


I would accept that except that the numbers next to the wind speed slider are correct for the way it used to work. It’s just the watch display that is wonky. The wind speed also shows correct on the watchface on the watch, so I have to surmise it’s a Facer Creator bug. If only @Facer_Official or @Facer-Staff would take the time to fix it on the next Creator update.


When metric works fine, what about just calculating the speed in mph?
One mile = 1,609344 Kilometer so you have an exact output for miles.

Just an idea…

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The issue is always that the user has the option of setting Imperial or Metric on thier watch . 2.222 looks to me like the conversion of M/S to MPH .

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