Heart Rate Animation Help

Hello Facer Fam,
I’m working on a new watch series, and need help with one of the animations. I’d like the Heart Rate Icon to increase/decrease scale like a heartbeat or pulse. I’d like the animation to replicate a pulse as close as possible. It would be ideal if the speed of the animation could match the heart rate, but no worries if that’s not feasible. (Ex. Higher Heart Rate = Faster Animation).

I can create a gif sequence, but would prefer to control the animation programmatically. I’m not sure how I would link the animation speed to the heart rate otherwise. Thank you for your time in advanced. I have embedded one of the watches from the series below:

Artfuldodger Watch Faces

Although it’s not exactly what you want, you can look at

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Hi @jabdu003
I do not know if this can help you, but you could take a look at this face i did as an example.

Inspector mode is open
Have a nice day


Thank you so much for sharing this! :ok_hand:I’ll try this out ASAP.

Thank you @lucky.andrei! I’ll test this out too.