Heart Rate Dial #ZHR#


I created a heart rate dial that starts at 50 bpm (0 degrees) and ends at 200 bpm (337.5 degrees) rotating clockwise

I have been searching and trying different expressions with #ZHR# tag but no luck

Appreciate any thoughts and comments

I hope she meets what she wants

200-50=150 Points
Motion angle 337.5 degrees



You may also want to use the clamp function so that the dial is constrained to the range you want.


Some super fit people will have a rest pulse less than 50 and risk takers might push past 200 :slight_smile:

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Thank you @zhnkrdg, that is what I’m seeking and I tested yesterday it’s working great, I managed to get to the 2.25 part 112.5 part is the culprit :wink: I would appreciate an explanation…

@mikeoday your input is always appreciated, I will redesign the dial and make it 40-210

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At 0, you want to start with 50.
Since the value for each point is 2.25, the starting point is
50 * 2.25 = 112.5
You need to go back 112.5 degrees to start from 0 point.
Sorry about google english.
I hope I can tell.


Thank you, much appreciated

No content to look at and no update in a while. Will keep searching. I have the ecpression close but jumpy

What are you searching for, what are you trying to make, Rob?

I was making the heart needle for a face. Was being a bit dense with the multiplier. Got it in the end though. Just need to do more research to get sensible thresholds for blue, green, amber red indicators of the heart sticker.
I already had the expression for beating in time with heart rate. As mine is offset I had to find the start angle that would result in 40bpm being at the first tick given the correct multiplier for 200 to be at the last tick.
Ended up with (clamp((162+(#ZHR#*1.65)),228,492)), the clamp figures being first and last tick angles:

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Interesting design! You have an empty space on the right you could put a distance gauge or maybe a 24-hour hand in.

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Yeah. It’s not finished yet. Posted just to show the heart dial working.
I haven;t decided what to put in the final dial yet.

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