Heart Rate - REV counter

Hi Guy’s,

Remember a whie back in my learning I created this watch >>


And I used this code for the time >>

Is there a code to use this hand to indicate my heart rate instead? and Also stop and start where this one does as per the code above?

There must be something because I can swipe across and have a Heart rate view that is a real time rev style. but i want this on the watch face.

Kindest Regards

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I think this would work:


So for:

MinAngle = -120
MaxAngle = 120
MinHeartRate = 40
MaxHeartRate = 220

The expression would become:




I hope that helps.


Thanks Mike, I’ll have a play :slight_smile:

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That worked a treat Mike, thanks again. Only thing is Facer seems to have given up on me. I can no linger sync my caes to my watch :frowning: I’ve tried all the obvious, bluetooth on/off/ Wifi on/of, Phone and watch resets. Re-installing the facer app on watch and phone, resyncs the lot since yesterday to no avail :’(

You are most welcome.

Sorry to hear about your sync problem - what watch/phone combination do you have? There is a known problem with the Samsung/IPhone combination.

Edit: I just saw your posts on the Samsung-IPhone thread - so I guess you are caught up in that :frowning:

Here you go fella :slight_smile:


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Very nice!

Ok, i’ve fine tuned it. I can’t test it though. Would you do the honours mate and let me know if I have any placement, or alignment, or even legislation issues please.

Is it pleasing to the eye, albeit geared to a specific genre.

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Mmm, for some reason my watch will not sync a new face this morning. I’ll try again a little later.

I manged to upload it. Looks good and works fine. Well done!

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Thank you

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