Heart rate sensor bug?


I apologize if it was mentioned somewhere.

I got a new Galaxy Watch 4 recently and installed Facer. Found a nice Watchface which shows heart rate.

I often check the watch on the table for battery status and the green heart rate sensor light won’t turn off until it detects a beat. Even if I turn of the screen of the watch or swipe through the menus it doesn’t turn off.

I reinstalled Facer also because I thought there is something broken.

I don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature? For me personally it’s vey annyoing, to wait until it detects a heart beat when I just check the watch but don’t wear it.

Thanks in advise for comments!

Best wishes.

Go into the watch settings and find Samsung Health app. Check the settings in it and make sure you haven’t got it set to “Measure Continuously” Your choices will be continuously, every 10 minutes or manual.


Hey, thanks for the reply!

It’s set to every 10 minutes in the Samsung Health App.


You might consider changing it to manual to prevent it from trying to check your heart rate until you are wearing it and want to know.


That might be an option indeed. But it’s still odd Facer seems to be the only Watchface app which does it. I use also another Watchface app and it stops trying to read your heart rate when the screen turns off or you swipe through the menus. Also the Samsung own watchfaces don’t do it.

That’s why I thought I’m asking here if someone else noticed that too.

As far as I can tell, Facer cannot control the watch functions. It can only read what the watch has permission to share with the Facer app.

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I changed it to manually reading but it doesn’t change. It still wants to read my heart rate so it seems facer doesn’t communicate with samsung health in this case.

Also the heart rate is a bit off in the watchface compared to the Samsung own measure.

But I don’t have problems with the step counter though it syncs correctly.

Facer fixed the step rate issue not long after the GW4 was introduced. They were still having issues with the heart sensor reading the last I knew.

Hi Nalci,

I have noticed the same thing with my Watch 4.
Sometimes it just doesn’t stop measuring (blinking green) when you take it off and sometimes (in most cases) it stops.

It’s happening randomly with any watchface, not just with Facer.

Try cleaning the bottom of the watch, it usually helps. I guess a bit of sweat stays on the sensor and the watch still thinks it’s on your hand.