Heart rate still not working

Has anyone got the heart rate to work correctly (#ZHR#)? I’m using an S3 Frontier. If I reset my watch, it gives a new figure. If not it just stays the same despite having it set up to check frequently. I have published watch faces and am receiving reviews from people saying that it does not work for them. I was hoping that it was either just my watch or that Facer would have pushed out a fix by now. Please help. Bad reviews are not helping my cause. Thanks to anyone who can.

Hi @mogatron2000,

This a confirmed bug in Facer for Samsung Gear S2/S3/Sport that may cause the heartrate data to stop refreshing in some situations. The fix was submitted to Samsung earlier this week and will hopefully be available to all users by the end of this week. No change is needed on your side, all your watch faces will start working as expected once users update to the newest version of Facer. Thanks for your patience!

Great. Thanks so much for your prompt response. Loving your work

@mogatron2000 good news, looks like the fix is rolled out on the Galaxy App store! Version is 4.2.9 and should fix the heart rate not refreshing as often as it should on Gear watches.

Noob question: When you say the new version, do you mean of the Facer phone app, the Facer companion app, or the gear app? I just checked the store and the Facer phone app claims to be up to date and was last updated 3 days ago.

Companion app updated to 4.2.9 on my Gear S3 Frontier and HR is now updating. And, if I manually request a HR update, it immediately refreshes the ZHR value.

Even better, if you select the Gear HR to monitor continuously (not great for battery life, but useful during workouts), the watch face refreshes in real time with the continuous HR monitor.

Great fix! Thanks!!!

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Glad we could fix that for you!