Heart Rate Zone Visability

Hi I am new around here and I am trying to figure out how to make a condition that will display text and hide text depending on the heart rate. For example I have created 6 different text elements (Resting, Warm Up, Fat Burn, Aerobic, Anaerobic, and Extreme) and if the heart read is less than 92bmp I want Resting to show… between 93 and 109 Warm Up, between 110 and 127 Fat Burn… and so on.
I have the easy one figured out using the transparency attribute $#ZHR#<92?100:0$ but how do I say between or greater than this and less than that?

Thank you

Hi, you can use boolean “and” condition &&
Try it, it should work for the others too…

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Theres another way more compatible and issue free, using each conditional for x and y position instead transparency
$#ZHR#>92?160:500$ for x position
$#ZHR#<110?160:500$ for y position
This way, only if both conditions are true the text appears on screen, else the text will be placed off screen and invisible…
You can replace the 160 in the formula for your actual position value. Good look

That was so simple. Thank you very much Carlos!

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