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Heartbeat wrong

Just installed facer on my ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps but the heart beat value on the watch screen does not match the value shown on the tile.

I know the tile is more accurate as it responds to changes in exercise, while the watch shows a fairly static number.

Secondly I would like distance shown in miles and temperatures show in celcius… Is that possible?

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Hi @Kebab and Welcome . When you say Tile do you mean Phone . Any way these numbers will always be a little different as the Algorithms that make the numbers a r Written by different people . These numbers should be used for judging trends rather than comparing to other devices . They are not flagged up as Scientific .
I am a Mixed Metric man Myself . I like Miles and Degrees Centigrade.
You know Faces set up for it can switch between Imperial and Metric . By Trippel Tapping and going right on your watch Face . However if you want it mixed you have to make that yourself .
Let us know if you need help with the Formulas . There is a Lot on here if you do a search .

Thanks for the reply, the tiles on the ticwatch are like secondary watch faces. You swipe right and can view various things. I have heartbeat, weather and count down timers for example.

The heartbeat tile is constantly changing up and down… But the watch face stays fairly static, even after a burst of excercise which has noticeably increased my heart rate.

I will defiantly look to design my own watch face. But for now the one I have just paid for is fine. Distance is more important to me than temp so will stick to imperial. The heartbeat metric isn’t that essential.

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Fortunately Heart beat is BPM PPM . Beats per minute . Pretty Universal in that case . I have a Wind speed on my watch in Meters per second that converts to MPH if you double it . Ha Ha well near enough . Thing to do is just enjoy your Watch .

Yes, it is possible.

((round(((#ZSC#/10) * .0455)))/10)

Just remove the spaces before and after the (*). I have to add them when posting in the community because the page tends to strip them out otherwise and it breaks the expression.

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