Heavy Battery Usage GW3

The past couple weeks, I have been going through a massive amount of battery on my fairly new Galaxy Watch 3. I have pretty much everything uninstalled on the watch except Facer, as I don’t use any apps on it and only use it for the awesome faces and to track my steps and sleep. I have uninstalled the app both on the watch and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and re-installed, but the massive battery usage persists. If I utilize the stock watch face, I can get through at least two days without a charge. With using Facer, I cant even get 18 hours before it dies.
I do utilize AOD but have the wrist motion and ring activation turned off, so the screen is hardly ever active. I am a monthly subscriber and love the many awesome faces available but I cannot continue to use Facer if I cannot even get through a day without the watch dying.
Please let me know if you have any ideas or fixes as I definitely would prefer to keep my subscription and continue to use the many awesome faces offered here!


Hi @johndeerediesel

You can try consulting @Facer_Official, even if i think that it’s not Facer’s fault.
I have a GW3 paired with a Huawei P10 Lite and in my watch i have almost all on ( wrist movement-GPS- LiteAOD-Brightness at 5-BPM measured continuously-Steps-) . Every other day i do a 4 km run with watch monitoring my run. Of course i reply from watch to some call and msg. I use regularly Facer’s watch faces and i charge my watch every 2 days. As I seem to use the watch quite intensively i think that Facer is innocent,
Stay well