Hello and you can insert moon sun movement

hello and you can insert moon sun movement from sx to right as in the photo on the day image of the sun the night moon image.

Hi @Discesazero

I’ve started on an example for this. Inspect is on:

Currently it only has the sun. The moon is a bit more difficult, but I will see what I can do.
Also, adding the moon will make it rise at sunset and set at sunrise, it will not be the actual moonrise and set

Hope this helps!



hello @ThaMattie , yes so there’s a code? it’s okay even just the sun. I did it but use everything 24h :frowning:

Hi Discesazero, well I used this method: I placed two weather icons, one for night and one for day.

time of day icon.
x : (160+(cos(rad(-#DWFHS#-90))*90)
y : (70+(sin(-#DWFHS#+90))*48)

icon at night :
x: (160+(cos(rad(#DWFHS#-90))*90))
y: (70+(sin(rad(#DWFHS#+90))*48))

Additionally you need to create an image that covers the rest of the icon’s path during the night or day.

That gives them a more or less expected transition for the window you present.

This was the result:

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Yes you can inspect the watch face I posted. You need to open it in a new tab and then click the little rocket on the left.
Alternatively, you can go there directly with this link: https://facer.io/watchface/uabBZ8J4S4/inspect

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@ThaMattie thank you now I’m trying the @trazzoarq but it’s not percisive with the sun, moon weather. there a void as you said I think sunrise, sunset. tomorrow i see if i can improve otherwise i use your


thank you for the help sot trying the code but i have problems with now synchronous icon sun, moon

Yes, this is an alternative to solar movement, not the precise moment of sunrise or sunset. Perhaps placing the time stamp will help people know exactly what time it is. I will follow this thread if we can find a way to do it accurately. Although it will vary a lot depending on the design of each watch through the open window.

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ok thank you all, I’m going to do some evidence, I’m going to use the immagime display.

Test WF

then with some modification and your codes I almost managed to do everything.

Thank you for your help @ThaMattie @trazzoarq

in four days if you can i’ll try to improve the graphics.

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