Hello Community

Hello Community,
I’m MickyXXL from Germany.
Yesterday i published my first Watchface:

The next must wait.
I can’t send it to watch for testing like the first on :frowning:
So i comes to you for get some help.


Cool! Congrats and welcome!

Are you saying the new face you’re working on, won’t sync to your watch?

Yes, but now after searching here, it works. I changed permissons to all apps yesterday. So my Phone has blocked Notifications from Facer :sweat_smile:

A great first face and a very warm welcome!

Hi Micky,
Welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome @mickyatwork

Great first job, I would only recommend making the hour/minute indicators larger and to experiment with different fonts

@mickyatwork Welcome!

Herzlich willkommen !

Hallo @mickyatwork und herzlich willkommen bei Facer.

Lieben Gruss aus Deutschland, GAUSS.

Hi Micky, well arrived on Facer, as far as your watch face is concerned, you should probably consider the size of the characters.