Hello everyone, I'm from Switzerland,

Hello everyone, I’m from Switzerland, and my English is not good. and I have a question? how can I do that or how the script is for a picture where, for example, on 20.1 until 18.2 is visible and then another picture would come from 19.2 to 20.3.

Hello @cijbou and welcome to Facer!

That question is fairly easy to answer if I understand what your asking. You are using a 24 hour clock and you would like one image to show up between 18.2 hours and then disappear on 20.1 hours?

Load in your two images into the creator. In the transparency field you would put this code.


To explain, $ means the code is asking the question “if”
IF #DH# meaning 24hour time is >= greater than or equal to 18.2 (any value you would like) && meaning and #DH# is <= less than or equal to 20.1 ? Meaning the result is, the first value is if the question is true then the transparency value would be 100 then the : means if the question is false then the transparency value would be 0 then $ closes the question.

In short. If the time is between 18.2 and 20.1 then the transparency is 100% and if not then 0%

Hello Orakix, Thanks for your quick reply. I think I wrote it wrong, it’s about calendar information around a zodiac image where is visible on January 20 until February 18 and then comes the next. sorry

Oh ok, then the code would be this,


That takes the day of the year to do the same type of question.

Hello, I’m so excited !. and thank you very much for your great support, and I will show you the dial as soon as I finish it.
Thanks again.
Greetings Jero :ok_hand:

You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help out. Did I explain it well enough for you to understand how to write your own code next time? Conditionals like that are very important and used quite often for many things.

yes not quite, that is calculated and was not exactly my strength and that with the signs because I have trouble where and when I have to set the. But sometime I understand it too …

Hello @cijbou and welcome!

Hello jmorga 106, Thanks