Hello everyone, I'm silent and I'm Italian

Hi guys / girls I am silent I come from Italy and I am 31 years old, I recently bought an Apple Watch and a Samsung Watch 4.
When I found out I could create watch faces on Facer I got hooked.
At the moment I have designed 5 faces for Apple Watch and 7 for Wear Os, I really want advice and to learn.

Thank you see you;)

Ciao ragazzi/ragazze sono silent vengo dall’Italia e ho 31 anni , da poco ho acquistato un Apple Watch e un Samsung Watch 4 .
Quando ho scoperto che potevo creare i quadranti su Facer mi sono appassionato.
Al momento ho disegnato 5 quadranti per Apple Watch e 7 per Wear Os ,ho tanta voglia di consigli e di imparare.

Grazie ci si vede :wink:


Ciao, benvenuto, buona fortuna


Welcome to the Facer.community group !!! @sark1990

This is a group where you can meet designers, programmers, and many good people, who can help you with your questions and ideas that you need …

For now with your question

I tell you that Facer has its individual programming, by which it can be programmed, only in its program.
Here I show you the page, with which you can program …


Because it has its own commands for your program. Here I show you the pages where you can see what kind of commands …




Boolean logic

Weather condition icon codes

Surely, someone from this group will also join your question, and give you more information, so that you can get an idea with your question.

I hope I can have helped you with your question.

I wish you enjoy the group
Cordially JDCardozo


@cardozo198013 Hey thx so much for your help , I appreciate it :smiley:


Ciao, Grazie mille !!!


Welcome to the Community @sark1990, where you have already seen there are lots of friendly and helpful people :smiley:
Silent, that’s a cool name lol
I see @cardozo198013 has already pointed you in a few directions, but please know that you can always ask for any kind of help here in this awesome Community, and also, there are some Resources you can download and utilise here as well, such as Dials, and Hands, which can be found HERE
Just be aware that Apple have very different policies than WearOS, so we can’t do so much with Apple Faces yet, and also the Galaxy 4 has only just recently been released, so it takes a little time to get things to work properly at first, bugs/glitches.
As a proud older Galaxy Watch owner, I bid you happy creating :sunglasses:


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: thank you so much, I have a question.
In the community in which section can I publish my quadrants for advice?

Ps I have already published several for both apple and wear os and I would like to show them.


If you want to show your designs, just look for this Icon Share Icon and it will give you a link you can copy and paste, but if the link has a * and a space at the beginning, just delete them, and you can Show Us Your Designs right HERE ok :+1:


As my friend Gizmo said …
The steps to follow
I show you here with some images …

Here I show you how to show your work in Facer.comunity
First you copy the address of your work …
as I show you in the photo

Then you paste it correctly in the space where you write your messages …
(The important thing is to erase the * from the address …) so that it can be seen on the screen …
I show you for example in these images

I hope we have been able to help you with your question !!!


thx so much !!! :smiley:


Hi @sark1990, welcome!
You have created some nice watch faces already, I like your Adidas black!
Keep up the good work


Hey txh so much !!! I appreciate it :smiley: